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KBH with VOIP Advocacy: KBH will just advocate a more complete use of the internet broadband modem and describe a voice-over-internet-protocol telephone system at near developer costs:

     The recommended telephone is an SIP internet phone that has an ethernet plug and that does not use an adaptor. The SIP phone plugs directly into
     a router. The router might have a configuration that allows VOIP easily past the router firewall. And the router might have a configuration that
     prioritizes the telephones when data is coming to them. In fact a full feature router is probably both a WiFi router and a wired router but SIP
     internet phones usually plug-in to a wired router. Now since ethernet cables are available in long lengths, the house can be easily wired for
     ethernet connection to the router and modem. The router and modem might be combined into one unit.

     If a wireless telephone system is wanted in the house then most likely an SIP base station will be plugged into the router and then wireless
     handset telephones will work off the SIP base station.

     Now with PC computer, one or more SIP telephones, and possibly a smart-TV connected to the router, the router gives each computing device its
     own internet address and each stream of data goes to the correct computing device. The combination of broadband modem, router, and computing
     devices can be near plug-and-play with just a few configurations and re-boots. The SIP telephone will display its internet address but not yet
     be registered to a VOIP service provider. The router configuration for this internet address result is DHCP.

     Of course the SIP internet telephone must also be configured to the VOIP service provider. Beyond user-names and passwords there are probably
     just a few important configurations required with most configurations being default values. The SIP internet telephone is configured by going
     to its internet address using a computer that is on the same desktop LAN system as the telephone. In fact the router is configured in the same
     way. But look for a VOIP service provider that gives SIP configuration instructions as this is less expensive than a service provider that
     provides equipment and LAN layout.

     Furthermore, look for a VOIP service provider that supports multiple wired-extensions on one phone number. There are several methods of wired-
     extensions but wired-extensions are best accomplished with each extension having its own internet address as that method keeps the LAN in basic 
     form. Of course simultaneous ringing of the different phone internet addresses is required.

     Finally to get the LAN system running, modem re-boot seems most important, SIP phone re-boot second important, and PC computer re-boot third.

KBH with Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Advocacy: A hydrogen-fuel-cell outputs electricity like a battery but weighs less than a battery. Since a hydrogen-fuel-cell has light weight then it is very suitable for vehicles and crafts. Of course a hydrogen-fuel-cell must be fueled with hydrogen but the exhaust of a hydrogen-fuel-cell is water. Here are some hydrogen links:

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Last revised: April 15, 2020